Heartthrob ragdolls

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Heartthrob ragdolls

One of the most amazing things about Ragdoll cats is their outstanding coat. It comes in a wide range of colors and patternsbut what is even more interesting is that, regardless of the pattern, the color of a Ragdoll will change noticeably over time.

Ragdoll color progression and development is absolutely impressive. At the very beginning, all the Ragdoll kittens will be covered with white fur all over their bodies. Then, as they get older, some parts of their fur will get colored and the pattern will become visible. Why does this happen? The short answer is that it is all in their genes. Ragdolls display a genetic mutation that affects an enzyme in the metabolic pathway between tyrosine and the final pigment, which is sensitive to temperature.

Most Ragdoll cats are bi-colored and it is all due to this mutation. In the areas of the body where the temperature is lower, such as the extremities — the paws, the edges of the ears — the fur will be darker in color, while the areas where the temperature is higher — the torso — the fur will be lighter in color. Take a look at our article on how color-pointed Ragtdolls change colors over time to see just how big the difference can be.

Regardless of the color and the type of point of a Ragdoll cat, its color progression will be different over time. While it is a kitten, it will go from full white to white with some dark-colored areas in the extremities. Then, as the kitten gets older, the darker areas grow alongside it to develop its pattern. Kittens and young cats have accelerated metabolisms, which makes their body temperature high.

As they grow up, their metabolism starts to slow down progressively, which means that they body temp will start going down in some areas of the body. When cats reach adulthood, the changes in their metabolism are fewer and fewer.

This is called homeostasis. There are certain illnesses, both chronic and acute, which can cause major changes in body temperature.

For instance, if a cat has a fever, then its body temperature will be increased, and if it suffers from kidney or liver failure, it will have a lower body temp than it should. On the other hand, a chronic infection that might give out a sub-febrile state will cause the body temp to increase, which, over a longer period of time, will lead to lighter colors.

When cats get older, their metabolism slows down more and more. Moreover, the darker areas will get larger and larger, all pointing out the areas where the local circulation is hardened.

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All of these changes are normal, up to a certain extent. Yes, it is. If your Ragdoll cat suddenly changes its coloration pattern, you should take it to the vet and point out the changes. If you can, bring some older pictures of your cat so that the doctor has a means of comparison. As mentioned above, there are some serious diseases that can cause a change in body temperature, which in Ragdolls you can see as a change in color, so your veterinarian will definitely want to take a look.

Yes, they do, old Raggies could get some white hairs in their coat. As you can see, Ragdoll color progression and development is extremely impressive. From full white to a detailed pointed pattern, Raggies change their colors radically. How has your Ragdoll cat changed over time?RaynbowsRagdoll is a small home based cattery that has been producing show quality Ragdoll Kittens since This gives you an idea of how hard it is to get good pictures of the kittens!

It's supposed to be an animated picture. If it doesn't play just click on it These kittens are all spoken for. If you would like a kitten, it will likely be late fall for one of mine to be available. A tree house full of kittens. They have the run of the house and provide endless entertainment for us! The babies can't get enough loves from us!

heartthrob ragdolls

Kittens are growing! We just moved both litters into our master bathroom where they will be introduced to the litter box as well as food and water. The mama's are co-parenting very nicely also. The kittens are happy - they go to whichever mom is willing to nurse at the moment.

These kittens are already spoken for. Kitten update! We have had 2 litters of kittens born now. Khaleesi and Elmo had a litter of 5 on January 14th. Gilley and Drogo had a litter of 2 on January 17th.

All of the kittens are growing like crazy and look healthy, happy, and well fed. The first 7 people on the waiting list will be contacted in weeks to set up a time to come meet and choose their kittens. In other kitten news, Ygrette and Arya were both bred about 3 weeks ago and the early indications are that they are both pregnant! Their kittens are expected about the middle of March. Because this question always comes up - all of the current kittens are spoken for.

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Most, if not all, of the kittens from the next 2 litters are also going to be spoken for. I will begin considering people for the waiting list again on February 1st. Here is another cattery that does have available kittens, run by Kristy Marson.

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I don't know Kristy personally, but her background and approach to raising kittens is definitely something I believe would produce kittens that will melt your heart. Quality, home-raised ragdoll kittens from a reputable breeder in Tuscaloosa AL transport available nationwide! Our waiting list is now full. I will open the list again around February once a couple of litters have been born. I have listed a few other catteries in the posts below this one. Some have kittens available now, or at least will be able to provide kittens far sooner than I can.

If you contact them, please let them know RaynbowsRagdoll sent you their way. Melissa started her cattery years ago while she lived in Las Vegas. She has moved recently to Brookings, South Dakota. She is a well established breeder and will be adding one of my girls to her breeding program in the future. Kitties sent from Heaven to bring joy from our family, to yours!After our two cats passed away in lateI felt the emotional toll was too great to get more cats.

Two weeks later my wife and I felt so lonely that I started to look at many breeds of cats and discovered the Ragdoll. So a few weeks later we found a local breeder, named Heartthrob Ragdolls who had a house full of Ragdolls and spent about three hours playing with them all and chose the final two. They were just a few months old then. They seem to be related by having the same father and were just a few months apart.

We have had Murray and Sam now for nine years. The time spent with them has been amazing. Not really sure how we came to pick their names out but their gentle and sweet behavior and intelligence has just been something we have cherished all these years. We would love to have more Ragdolls throughout our home in the future. Eating is their favorite past time with Murray who was a giant kitten weighing in at a healthy 16 pounds with Sam at 8.

Most of the time you can find them sleeping together under the covers where we make a tent by propping up some pillows for them. Since we love these cats so much, a thought occurred to me late one night in starting up a site called- PURRsonals. You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. Sam seems more the head kissy type based on his photos. You have lots of love at your house. Great name and idea. Murray and Sam are two gorgeous hunks of Ragdoll! Thanks for the interesting product links!

What stunning boys you and your wife have, Sonny!

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They look and sound like very well-loved babies. Looking forward to visiting your site! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content Share this post:.

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heartthrob ragdolls

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Created by MaxG3D. Soloman Grundy Topless. Now Fully Exposed for all the supernatural heartthrob chasers. Soloman Grundy. Dawnguard Vampire Lord. Blaaah I wanna suck your blood and fabulously sparkle while doing so. Model from:.My name is Dawn and I live in the Philippines. I first learned of the ragdoll breed 12 years ago when we were still living in the U. We were living in a suburb of Chicago during that time, and I was a regular at the public library there.

One day, I went there to return my books and was enamored by this beautiful, and well-behaved cat sitting atop the counter. She was the biggest cat I had ever seen! So regal in her bearing, I fell in love with her right away.

Having owned a bevy of cats and dogs in my childhood, seeing her there woke up my feelings of wanting to own and love a pet again. While I was petting her, I was able to know about the breed and how big they actually get!

I have always loved the bigger animals, so this one zoomed up to the top of the list. When I went home, I immediately went in search of a breeder in our area. Three weeks after that, however, we were hit with devastating news; our visa to stay in the U.

I was crushed. There was no way we would be able to get a ragdoll now. I learned about the paper work and all the requirements of bringing a cat out of the U. What, with 3 kids, my husband and me, and a whole lot of luggage, I figured it would only be so stressful for the cat to be in that situation.

In the Philippines, I tried to look for a breeder of ragdolls, and there were none! This was inand the breed was practically unheard of in our country. I was heartbroken. I was pretty sure I would never be able to own a beautiful cat such as the ragdoll…. Fast forward to I was online one day in October when the idea of looking for a ragdoll entered my mind.

Out of nowhere, something just pushed me to do it. Then, a day later, the breeder answered. He asked for my email address so he could send me more photos of the cat.

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As we began to negotiate the delivery of the kitten, I pored over his pictures over and over, not believing I would finally own a cat I had dreamed of owning for 12 years! Finally, 3 weeks later, I was holding in my arms my 12 year dream. My heart was bursting with so much love and happiness!

We named him Rocky just because all my four kids have the letter R as the initial letters of their first names. Three of my kids are already away in college and our youngest is 8 years old, so Rocky has become the baby of the family. He is so sweet and loving. He purrs a lot and loves to stay beside any of us or follow us around the house. When we arrive from going somewhere, he is at the door to meet us.All of the Ragdolls seem to be oblivious to the freezing cold, although I did have to round them all up onto the main floor of the house to stay warm during our power outage of several hours.

Treats are a wonderful incentive! They are all just running and jumping onto the cat trees and playing hide and seek! I do believe they are happy for the reprieve from the grasping hands of our grandbaby after she had been here for three days. Stay warm everybody and love your furbabies! Hoosier heart throb ragdolls is a small in home cattery that plans to provide the most beautiful healthy ragdoll kittens for you to add to your family!

We should be capable of providing many different color points and patterns including, Minks, Sepias, Traditionals, and Lynx. We are in the process of becoming licensed and TICA registered. Our ragdolls are being raised from kittens to adults in our home and under foot. They are well socialized to dogs, grandkids, and a couple of senior cats.

Our future litters of kittens will come with a health guarantee and will be dewormed and have age appropriate vaccinations. I hope you continue to follow us as we make this ragdoll dream become a reality! I know you will fall in love with this breed of cat just like I did!

They are the most docile, loving, playful, and loyal companions! When you pick a ragdoll up, she just falls out in your arms and loves to be loved! They have an extremely laid back temperament!

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They follow my grandbabies around like puppies! Please join us in our quest to provide the most stunning ragdoll kittens imaginable!

heartthrob ragdolls

Smoky Blue is a Bluepoint Sepia Ragdoll male with a gorgeous plush coat and sparkling green eyes! He is quite outgoing for only 12 weeks of age and can be amazingly vocal at times.

He wants to be included in every single thing that is going on!

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He is sure to produce beautiful offspring! Skip to content. Just watching it snow and snow and snow some more! Lets get crazy on the cat tree! Page 1 Page 2 Next page. Hoosier Heart Throb Ragdoll Cats. A WordPress.

Post to Cancel.Throughout their lives, color-pointed cats change their coloration pattern quite a bit. The process of this change is extremely interesting and it is entirely based on genetics. In fact, it is a mutation that leads to their coloration to begin with.

This mutation is temperature sensitive and it affects an enzyme in the metabolic pathway between tyrosine and the final pigment. Higher temperatures will inhibit production, while lower ones will allow it. Color-pointed cats have darker extremities with various patterns because their body temperature is lower in these areas.

They present lighter fur on the rest of their bodies because the local temperature is higher there. This local temperature map is one of the reasons why there is a very large diversity of color-pointed cats.

Since color-pointed cats are genetically wired to change their color due to fluctuations in their body temperature, they are essentially a living heat map. Here a few of the factors that typically cause these fluctuations and what you can expect:. Body temperature varies greatly with age. Young cats have alert metabolisms, which keeps their temperature up.

In fact, the areas in their extremities which are colder are rather small. With age, their metabolism slows down, which causes their body temperature to go down with it. This is when the first changes in color can be noticed in a color-pointed cat, as they will get darker. Depending on the specific genetic background of the cat, this could mean that the darker areas in the extremities will get larger, that the lighter area will also get darker, or even both.

When cats reach old age, their body temperature falls, both in their extremities and systemically. As a result, the darkening of the fur is more intense in senior cats.

To give you a better idea of just how much color-pointed cats can change fur color as they reach adulthood, here are some pictures where you can observe the differences between kittens and adults.

You will notice that the fur from both front and hind legs gets darker over time, as well as the fur on their heads.

heartthrob ragdolls

The areas around the nuzzle and the ears will get darker as the cats age. However, how much darker these get depends entirely on the individual. These pictures will show you the delightful variation of this color change among colorpoints. While it is perfectly normal for colorpointed kittens to get darker points as they enter adulthood and as they get older, there are other reasons why adults might change their points throughout their lives.

Here are a few of them:. When a cat suffers local injuries like scratches, bumps, and bruises, scar tissue is formed. In these areas, the body temperature will be slightly lower because the tissue will not be as efficient in conducting heat.


As a result, color-pointed cats will get darker fur in the areas where they suffered these injuries. These changes will be visible in color-pointed cats, at least to a certain degree. If the temperature change is maintained for a longer period of time, then the pigment changes will have the time to come up.


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